Are you ready to level-up your consulting business?

Introducing the Consultancy Masterclass — a two day, intensive workshop that arms you with everything you need to flourish as a consultant.

“Just wanted to share that in the 2 weeks since taking Brennan's class, using techniques learned from the class, I proposed and closed deals amounting to 100x the cost of the class. That's some serious ROI. :)”

Leonard Teo, August '13 Class

You're stuck. Sure, you have clients. And they're paying you. You're busy, very busy. But you can't help but worry — What if work dries up? Can I really afford to hire someone to help me? Will I even be in business six months from now?

You weren't prepared for the business side of consulting.

When you went out on your own, chances are you came from getting paid to write code or design as an employee. But you didn't want to work for someone else any longer — you wanted to work for yourself. So you put in your notice and quit.

After a while, you quickly learned that you had to get good at sales, marketing, negotiating contracts, writing proposals, and managing expectations, budgets, and deadlines. You had to get comfortable with wild swings in cash flow, and the uncertainty that you might not be able to pay your bills on time.

And if you have ever thought about growing, or you have a team of your own, it became exponentially worse. Now you're talking about payroll, overhead, and other fixed expenses that need to be countered by something that by definition is variable — one-off client work.

When I started to grow... I failed hard.

When I went out on my own, I got lucky. I got the right clients at the right time, and always managed to stay in business. This luck soon turned into arrogance, and I decided to grow beyond myself. I opened up an office downtown, hired a few employees, and kept doing what I was doing.

But I made a lot of mistakes, many of which cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and waking up some nights in a cold sweat.

I wasn't sure how to make sure that I could confidently tell my wife and my employees that I had no idea if I could pay everyone this week. I felt like I could be selling better, and easier, and end up with more profitable clients. I knew that if I could just learn how to bill better, my cash flow issues would disappear.

“I couldn’t be happier with the course. I anticipate my business will be measured in pre-Masterclass and post-Masterclass.

Jesse Wolgamott, November '13 Class

Introducing: The class I wish I had taken 4 years ago.

The Consultancy Masterclass is a two-day, intensive workshop that covers everything it takes to create a sustainable consulting business.

You will learn how to bootstrap new products while other people pay your bills, create a steady stream of residual income through packaged consulting services, and book more clients than you know what to do with.

After the class, you'll know how to get paid before you do the work, why and how to bill by the week, what you should consider before hiring, methods of nurturing leads automatically, and how to create "honeypots" that help you build up an audience that you can tap into when you have availability.

Give me just 2 days, and I'll give you a brand new perspective on consulting.

It took me years of trial and error to put together the framework that I teach in the Masterclass. Here's what I'll teach you during our time together...

1. How to setup a multi-month sales pipeline

You can't grow a consultancy by waiting for referrals. I'll teach you how to proactively build a pipeline of new customers using strategies and techniques that brought us hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in revenues.

2. Master the art of closing high value contracts

Selling six-figure contracts comes with its own set of challenges. Overcoming those challenges boils down to pitching the right value proposition and creating a framework to ensure your clients get what they expect. I'll teach you how to negotiate and close those high value contracts.

3. When and how to scale

Scaling your company's headcount or just your brand comes with its own set of challenges. We'll cover everything you need to know to scale your business.

4. Productize your consulting services

Are you still charging for time on the clock? Do you know you can double, triple, or even 10x your profit margin by selling your services as products? I'll teach you how to package, market, and sell your services to achieve maximum profitability and client satisfaction, along with ways of creating recurring revenue streams.

5. Your clients as Angel Investors

I successfully bootstrapped a SaaS product, Planscope, while running my consulting business. We'll cover how you too can gradually dial back your consulting and fully replace your consulting income with turnkey product revenue using my Product Step Ladder model.

The value of this group and the class has far exceeded my expectations.

Corey Bullman, February '13 Class

Why don't I just sell the Masterclass as a downloadable video course?

What's really special about this class is that it's not a webinar. There's nothing pre-recorded. You won't need to sit and listen to me lecture for 10 hours.

Instead, you'll join me and up to 14 other consultants like you over a group video feed. The curriculum is steered conversationally, which means we'll have time to talk about your individual situation, how it applies to the material we're covering, and together we'll put together action items that you can implement immediately in your business.

There is so much information out there. It's overwhelming. And I'm a contributor: I've written books, hundreds of blog posts and newsletters, and recorded dozens of podcasts.

But most information is one-sided. You're just listening in. The Masterclass isn't just content, it's individual coaching. I guarantee that by the end of the our two days together, you'll have a multi-page todo list that will help you recoup your investment in just a matter of weeks.

(And if you don't walk away with the information you need to revolutionize your business, I want you to request a full refund.)

I took around 20 pages of notes over the 2 days -- full of actionable advice

Keith Perhac, November '13 Class

What happens after the Masterclass?

The last thing I want you to do is to learn a bunch of techniques and then... do nothing.

Besides the live event, you're going to get lifetime membership to the Community List. Here you'll find over 120 past students of mine who have attended the Masterclass over the last year.

Have a question about a proposal you're writing? Ask the list.

Want feedback on your new website? Ask the list.

Worried about how you're being treated by a client? Ask the list.

When I ran my consultancy, I paid $1,500 a month to have access to a group of local business owners once a month. I was able to open up and put my fears and frustrations on the table with people who understood what I was going through. And it was hugely valuable, especially since I didn't have a business partner.

With your admission to the Masterclass, you'll have lifetime access to a community of consultants like you. We maintain an atmosphere of non-disclosure: what's said on the list, stays on the list. And we have each other's backs.

Additionally, a week or so after our class you'll meet personally with me and we'll come up with one month, a three month, and twelve month goals that I'm going to keep you accountable to. It's way too easy to fall back on what you're comfortable with, and my job as your teacher is to make sure that the Masterclass was a force of change for you and your business.

Just seeing what others are doing is easily worth 10x the cost of the class or more...

Richard Garand, November '12 Class

Who am I?

Brennan Dunn is the founder of We Are Titans, a consulting firm based in Virginia (read about it here.) He's also the author of Double Your Freelancing Rate and The Blueprint, books that have helped over 5,000 consultants learn to price their services and get more clients, the co-host of The Business of Freelancing Podcast, and the guy behind the Freelancer's Weekly newsletter. When not writing words, he's writing code for his SaaS application, Planscope.


Is this right for you?

I want to stay solo — will I get anything out of this?
When I first launched the Masterclass a year ago, the focus was on exactly that: how you can grow a sizable team like I did. But my perspective has changed over the last year, and so has the class demographic.

There are three paths that we cover in the course: How to scale in head count, how to make yourself a high value individual consultant, and how to make consulting a means-to-an-end for launching your own products. The composition of the class has historically been a healthy mix of these three paths.

I'm worried that I'll spend two days listening to others talk about their own problems.
My goal is to make sure that everyone gets a tremendous amount of value out of this class. I recognize that not everyone is equally vocal, which can lead to a few people dominating the conversation while others sit back in silence.

As the moderator and instructor, I make sure that there are no tangential conversations (that's what the one-on-one meetings are for), and that everyone has equal time to talk. When moving through the curriculum, we'll routinely break into workshops where I'll go around the room and ask, "So Bob, how can you implement XYZ in your business starting on Monday?"

No one is left out, and no individual student dominates the conversation. As a natural introvert, I understand that jumping into a conversation isn't always the easiest thing to do for some people.

Are you ready to transform your consulting business?

Then I'd like you to join me and a select group of consultants for the next Consultancy Masterclass. And if you don't make a return on your investment within the first few months I'll refund you in full.

  • January 13-14, 12 to 5pm Eastern time
  • Come equipped with headphones, a good microphone, and plenty of caffeine
  • Limited to just 14 students (14 8 seats remaining)
  • Video recordings of the event
  • Access to the Community List with Brennan, mentors, and 120+ alumni
  • Money-back guarantee if your results don't significantly outweigh the cost of the class

To join, apply below. If I think you'll get a lot out of the class, I'll followup with registration details. Space is limited, especially now that the frequency of the class is dropping from monthly to quarterly. Tuition is currently $2,199 (payment plans available)

A recap of what you'll get:

  • 10 hours of live group coaching, discussions, and teaching
  • Recordings of your live class
  • A followup, 1 hour private consultation with me where we'll dive into your specific business and define monthly, quarterly, and annual goals for your consultancy (I typically charge $500 for this when coaching)
  • Lifetime access to the Consultancy Masterclass community list

(P.S. Not sure if the Masterclass is right for you, or have any questions? Send me an email.)

“Thank you to Brennan and everyone for this class and your support. For me, the Masterclass as already paid for itself. I'm now looking for it to pay for itself by at least another 50x.

Andrew Le, March '13 Class